Thursday, 8 September 2016

Not so vintage Caravan makeover

I've not blogged for a very long time, I think about it but never seem to actually do it, but I wanted to document my latest project and this seemed the best place to do it, but I should warn you its going to be an epic! I hope you enjoy it.

It was my 50th Birthday earlier this month, I didn't feel the need for big celebrations, lets face it I'll be 50 for a whole year I can celebrate that any day if I want too, but I did get a something that I had wanted for a while. recently we sold our trusty VW bay window camper van, which left a bit of a gap in our holidaying choices, 3 sausage dogs are not easily contained in a tent, and we are not big fans of renting holiday homes or holiday villages, so the thought of a little vintage caravan seemed appealing. After much searching,lots of horror stories about scams, damp and dilapidated 'vintage' caravans ( which all seemed to be 150 miles plus away !) we found a genuine seller of an old (not vintage) caravan 20 minutes away from us.
the caravan was in reasonable condition, a small area of previously treated damp, an awning and more extras than you could shake a stick at... who knew there are so many kinds of caravan chocks !... so she was promptly purchased and towed home, Happy Birthday me !

Once home We began getting her ready for her makeover. She is a 1988 Abbey 213 not a vintage caravan in my eyes just an old one, but as we are planning to use sites with no facilities she has a few mod cons that will help, a little shower room being the most useful, this room is just so 80s in her peachyness that apart from a clean and a new shower curtain, we decided to leave her alone, the rest of the caravan decor however had to go !

After a little repair of the previous damp patch to make it look prettier and new replacement shiny white and fresh window strips the rest of the decoration was just cosmetic. As she is not vintage vintage I decided on a bright and cheerful colour scheme, saving most of my vintage barkcloth fabrics for the day (if it comes) that we get a 'proper' vintage caravan, but i couldnt resist using some of my favourites for cushion covers !
So after 3 coats of white paint on the main wood work, 2 coats of chalk paint and a wax coat on her cute little kitchen cupboards, new bench cushion polka dot fabric covers, new curtains with blackout linings, new vinyl flooring... the pink carpet had to go ! it took a surprising amount muscle to get it all out but once it was gone the caravan just seemed so much bigger (and cleaner !)  and wallpapering with my favourite Cath Kidston wallpaper, she is ready to be filled with vintage bits and pieces ready for her first adventure, We still have the outside to spruce up and of course there will be plenty more pics of her out and about, but they can be for another day !

It was hard work, but lots of fun planning how we wanted her to look and making her soft furnishing, she feels light bright and fresh, and we are looking forward to our first outing in Margo !

Thursday, 31 March 2016

My Sausage dog jumper pattern for Caboodle Magazine


Anyone who knows me from Instagram will know Frank and Albert our 2 mini(ish) Dachshunds, they even have their own account @the_sausageboys ! A while back I crocheted Frank a new jumper as he feels the cold more than his scruffy long haired Brother Albert. The lovely Kayti Feather of Caboodle Magazine saw it on IG and asked if I would like to write a pattern for the Spring edition of the magazine , naturally as the theme was to be an English country garden it just had to be a Bumble Bee jumper complete with curly antenna!

This is the first time I have written a pattern and it's the first time I've had anything published too,I'm so pleased to have been included in such an awesome magazine, it truly is beautiful, definitely one for the coffee table, to be savoured over so you can  appreciate its fab articles and stunning photography!
And although Frank and Albert were not particularly chuffed with their modelling debuts, they were more than happy with Kayti's lovely Sausage dog Frank's photo shoot !

Thank you Kayti and Amy x

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Hello again !

Instagram has been a brilliant place to find friends, see cool stuff, show my makes, share pictures of silly Sausage dogs, keep abreast of current issues, spend lots of money !
But as with all things that are very popular the powers that be have decided they need to change it ! primarily I think to make money from those of us who have become a little addicted ! So I think now is a good time for me to re-visit blogging, I must admit I've missed my blog, although some say blogging is a thing of the past I think the imminent change on IG may see a new interest in blogs as an alternative way to keep in touch with Igers you no longer see as regularly, all their news in one place chronologically, no interference, no Ads, no money involved !

Things have changed here a lot since my last journey into the blogosphere, not locality...still here in the long thin house ! but with my crafting and ventures into vintage, but I am going to use this space to chronicle my makes, my home, my vintage finds and of course my sausage dogs !

So this is it ! clean slate time !

Hello and welcome, thank you for sparing the time to visit my blog, I hope you find something that makes you smile!