Saturday, 7 July 2012

Things they are a changing part 2 !

Well little did I know when I named my last blog just how changed things were going to be ! Middle daughter, Number 3 child or should I say 25 yr old young lady is going to be a Mummy ! A very unexpected announcement but a good one, All parties are happy and the couple have plans to move to Devon so all is good .

Things in the long thin house have slowed to a virtual stop since the start of wimbledon , but the sorting of the sewing room is coming along, VW Camper fixing is not going according to plan, but that was to be expected.  Hopefully my next blog will show Sunny in all her glory !

enjoy your weekend,

speak soon x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Things they are a changing!

Things are certainly changing in the long thin house ! Pumpkin decided she would rather have the attic room as her bedroom which in turn freed up a slightly larger room which I will now use as my sewing room and the smaller room shall now be a guest room (for very small guests!), now I do have some snaps of the chaos that is still ensuing, but please forgive the quality, as we speak a new camera is winging it's way to the long thin house so be amazed when future pics are perfectly exposed and professionally posed ( out of focus more like !) .
Crafting has carried on as usual amid the carrying of boxes between aforementioned rooms, and crochet is still my craft of choice at the mo, I have been experimenting with different granny square patterns, I have even crocheted a camera strap in anticipation of the above mentioned arrival although Husband doesn't seem to keen on the thought of wearing it ! Can't understand why ;) and I have started my first blanket, hopefully it will be finished in time for our trip to Oxfordshire in Sunny the VW camper fingers crossed she will be in full working order by then! ( but that's a whole other story! ) My collection of toy sewing machines seems to be much larger than I thought, so new shelving is on the cards and it's going to take a while to get everything how I like it, but it will be great to have a cutting table an a separate machine table in the same room ! And when the mundane bit of moving rooms is done I shall keep you posted with the best bit , putting it all back together to look pretty!
Speak soon x.