Saturday, 7 July 2012

Things they are a changing part 2 !

Well little did I know when I named my last blog just how changed things were going to be ! Middle daughter, Number 3 child or should I say 25 yr old young lady is going to be a Mummy ! A very unexpected announcement but a good one, All parties are happy and the couple have plans to move to Devon so all is good .

Things in the long thin house have slowed to a virtual stop since the start of wimbledon , but the sorting of the sewing room is coming along, VW Camper fixing is not going according to plan, but that was to be expected.  Hopefully my next blog will show Sunny in all her glory !

enjoy your weekend,

speak soon x


  1. Wow, exciting changes indeed, congratulations :D

  2. thank you, it's still sinking in, glad to hear your news was good too x

  3. Congratulations - What lovely news for you and your family! Looking forward to hearing all about 'Sunny' too. Em x


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