Saturday, 31 March 2012

Hello postie!

In all the excitement of setting up this blog I forgot the Postman delivered my vintage ladybird books this morning,I was planning to cut them up into mini bunting,but have had a wobble at the last moment! Now thinking I might scan and resize,so I can have endless copies( is this naughty? Technically I am not reproducing them as books!!)but I won't be rushing into anything I still have to finish making my fabric eggs ( photos to follow) and finish crochet- ing (?) a bath mat using sisal string, so many things! I think I'll just have a quick cup of tea and a biscuit.



  1. i definitely recommend copying the pages because that way you can make it again when the colour fades or if the bunting gets damaged. i think that will also mean that the good pages will be able to be accessed easier than if it was just in a book.
    keep smiling and enjoying crafting!

  2. Oh I remember reading those... Peter and Jane. Showing my age now!! I think copy the pages too. It would be a shame to cut them up, or maybe I am just being too sentimental?? They are mind numbing to read now and not very pc at all!

  3. Excellent idea by the way.

  4. I think I will follow the copying route,I didn't think I'd find it so difficult to cut them up! They took me right back too,they even smell exactly the same as I remember!


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