Saturday, 31 March 2012


Having decided to decorate my table for Easter,I looked to mollie makes - for an egg template, all was well , I found one in issue 1, I set to sewing,my first attempts seemed a little 'flat bottomed' ideal for displaying on a stand or even in an egg box,but not 'egg' shaped enough to hang, immediately I thought of my book crafting springtime gifts, and so again i copied the template and set to sewing,although these eggs were egg shaped they were very large, even the small size was big,i ended up making my own template,which really i should have done straight away, but was enticed by all pretty pictures in both the magazine and book! Luckily I had Syd on hand ( or should I say table!) to make sure they passed the shape test!the template is really easy to make,mine is about 10cm long and 5cm wide at the widest bit(the bottom of the egg), make sure you match all 4 pieces,all the wider parts together,then sew 5mm in from the edge all down one side with right sides facing,add another segment and repeat.On the fourth segment sew all the way down one side ,then part way down the other side at the top and bottom leaving an opening in the middle, turn in the right way and stuff using soft toy wadding ,finally stitch up the opening.I find the eggs look better if you really stuff them well,sew a small loop of string to the top,find yourself some twigs or branches,preferably with blossom,an old vase/jug or vintage milk bottle and hang them up!











  1. Wonderful job!!!!
    Thank you for posting the picture tutorial too, those egg are looking good and by the way I like your cat. Is that eyeglasses purse next to the egg's basket (the last picture)?

  2. Thank you, I' m glad you are pleased with the eggs, Syd ( the cat ) is a very nice cat, he likes to make his presence felt, especially around feeding time! The glasses case in the last picture is one I made, I have made a few of them in different colours and with different style glasses machine appliqu├ęd on the front, and they are popular , I use a vintage 1960's singer sewing machine to make my things,I find it to be much more robust than some of the modern ones.


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