Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Caution Works in Progress !

With the rather chilly start to our British summer and our house move taking longer than we hoped My current WIPS  have a far better chance of being finished than if the sun was shinning and we were busy moving in to a new house !

My most recent project, which was started before finishing the project before..and the one before that....  is this


It is a rather old and battered Ikea rattan footstool which needed cheering up, this is the before shot


I used a pattern by the super talented Inverleith , you can find her blog at  http://inverleith.blogspot.co.uk/ , I found her pattern on Ravelry and tweaked it to fit this particular footstool.

Now it is finished I am returning to Chillis' Emo blanket, thus named for its sombre colours, and the particular Teenage phase that is flavour of the month in the long thin house !


My other WIPS are exactly that and shall remain so until the Emo blanket is finished as I am determined to finish one thing at a time and not start anything else !



Although The Baby does need more granny sandals...

where's my white wool ............

Speak soon,

Mim xx

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