Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Away with the Fairies!

Nothing for months then two posts in as many days ! I hear you cry ! I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it and couldn't wait to do it again ! All things in moderation is motto I struggle with !

As I mentioned a while back I have become a little obsessed with this Instagram thingy. For those of you who do not know what it is, it is a place where you can post your own photos and people can leave comments and likes on them, They can also choose to follow you and you can do the same too. The result being that it becomes a little community, I love my IG family, they are a lovely bunch of funny and  talented people, who always seem to be on hand when you need them.

Around October last year I posted a photo on IG (Instagram) of a Fairy I was making for my Christmas tree, I had made one a while ago, but wanted to make another one in a slightly different style. By the time I had finished her I had had lots of lovely comments and had been asked if I made them to order, to which I said yes, this resulted in the lead up to Christmas being spent frantically sewing away in my sewing room...re-named Fairy land... to meet the IG orders ! Image

I make them from upcycled fabric,vintage crocheted doilies , lace, ribbon, buttons and beads and each madebymim Fairy has a little embroidered heart tattoo, as i think all Fairies should have one !  I had a few remarks saying they looked very 'Marie Antoinette-ish' hence when naming them it seemed obvious to give them French sounding names, so there is Bibi, Didi,Coco,Frou Frou and Fifi to name a few !



Things in Fairy land have slowed a little since Christmas, which has given me time to experiment, having had such a great time making the little Christmas Fairies, I thought I'd give making a bigger version a go.

So now I am making Rag doll Fairies too, they are much bigger, nearly 2 foot tall ! and I have re opened my Etsy shop to sell them in.. madebymimuk... where I will be adding them as I make them,  the larger Rag doll Faries and the smaller Fairies too,which although they have been called Christmas Fairies are not just for Christmas ! The French style Rococo Fairies have been joined by Regency Fairies... A bit Pride and Predjudice... or as my Husband said , "it's all a bit Eyre-e Fairy around here !" there are even plans in the pipeline for boy Fairies too!



So while in between collecting ideas for our teashop/craftspace on Pinterest and looking for houses, schools and business premises in Devon I'm to be found in my sewing room, away with the Fairies ...and I love it !


Speak soon,

Mim xx


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