Friday, 8 February 2013

'Nan' Rules rule !

Here  in the long thin house... When I am allowed out of fairy land... I like to indulge in a spot of crochet.



I haven't been 'hooking' for long and i think i chronicled my early attempts on this very blog, but it  has led me to an appreciation of all thing 'Nan/Granny'. My Children do not understand this, when I recently offered to crochet a blanket for my soon to be here Granchild ( who we have found out since I first announced the news is a Girl ! ) I was told " I don't like crochet it looks like something Nan would have". Exactly ! How can the ways of Nan be underestimated ? I firmly believe that more Nan attitude would be a good thing. The make do and mend attitude of our Parents and Theirs before is to be applauded in todays consumer led society, I for one am really glad to see the re-emergence of crafty ways, mending ,making  do, recycling, and while I'm as guilty as the next person of buying  designer vintage 'style' products my greatest pleasure is finding that same style/type of item in a charity shop or bootsale, usually for a lot less money ! the same goes for designer mass made goods, give me handmade or vintage any day, the web is full of amazingly talented crafts people, and you get something unique and lovingly made,not factory made by people who'd rather be at home !


Anyhoo getting down from my horse of extreme stature ! where was I ...  Crochet baby blanket... Well I crocheted one any way, as I enjoyed doing it, and well, I am 'Nan' so it's my job to introduce my Grandaughter to thrifty, crafty ways at every opportunity, even if she is too young to realise yet ! The blanket was met with a rather different reaction than I had expected..."oh it's lovely ! ..... can you crochet baby dresses too, they are so cute" !


I feel my 'Nan' vibes are working !

speak soon

Mim xx


  1. It is lovely and I'm glad you showed them lol! Personally I think there is a fine line between Naff Nanna and Granny Chic, but maybe that's because I am getting closer to "that" age!

  2. hehe ! there certainly is ! I think the children would get seriously worried if i started using antimacassars ! ;)


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