Thursday, 10 May 2012


I have just spent the past hour or so at the long thin house trying to add a Pinterest button, Find me on folksy button, and an Instagram button to the sidebar of my blog, I have been having lots of fun photographing and commenting on things, and although I think you can look at them via my Twitter updates I just thought it would be spiffy to have the little buttons at the side! but, alas my blind spot for all things computory has kicked in! I have been reading about 'plugins' and I'm beginning to think my you can't use them on the free wordpress themes, I have tried all ways, widget menus, links etc but no it is not to be, I think Husband will need to be called upon! if any of you would care to share my musings with pics my instagram and pinterest are under the name madebymim too, if any of you use pinterest let me know, I love to look at other peoples pictures,
Speak soon.

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