Saturday, 5 May 2012

The best laid plans of Mim and ........

This morning I planned to get on with my soon to be announced new makes, they are still very much in the planning stage, but armed with sketch book, pencil and heaps of enthusiasm I settled down to business,a stack of vintage fabric positioned nearby for inspiration,

But within the first five minutes 'ding dong' the doorbell rings ! Suffice to say almost 4 hours and some very pleasant chit chat later I have nothing on paper and a head that is bursting with ideas to the point that I think I'll overload if I don't do something with it all soon!
Still very excited ! No more clues.... Oh alright..... Once upon a time....! Speak soon.


  1. I have had a week like that - very nice and social but not much making going on!

  2. I know, I keep thinking I'll just do this or I'll just do that and more or less immediately I start as if by magic the doorbell rings or the telephone rings!


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