Thursday, 10 May 2012

Yay for Miss Jean !

Well, what an amazing machine! As I mentioned in my last musings, I took delivery of a vintage 411g singer sewing machine, she is a doozy! delivered by the seller as it turned out she did not live too far away , Miss Jean turned out to be her Aunts machine , and she had had her for 22 years, since her Aunt had passed away. Miss Jean came with the record card of the lessons the Aunt had taken to learn how to use the machine, and lots of other bits and bobs, and it was so nice to hear how the Aunt who was a seamstress made clothes for the lady and her children and lots of other things too , it gave a real sense of history, I like the thought of all the things Miss Jean has made before, hopefully I will be able to do her justice, although from what the lady said my offerings won't be anywhere near as professional! I love her, all newly serviced she is a now, Miss Jean and I have things to do,

speak soon.

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