Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hello Jean, goodbye Dolly !

Curses!! I 've done it again! yesterday was a very productive day in a 'i don't want to do it like that' sort of way. The snapshot of the calico doll pattern was my first attempt...I am now on my third, I want to get the proportions and the look right before I move to the next stage. At the moment I am using a 1960's 185k singer sewing machine or Miss Blister ( she is the little sister machine of my bigger 201k singer - Miss Brown !) to make the Dollys.

So, whilst sitting and sewing Dolly bits and not looking for vintage toy sewing machines on ebay...expect an update soon!! I happened upon a 1963 Singer 411G, now , I have a soft spot for singers, my Mother, who was a Dressmaker always used Singers, so I think it has been ingrained in me and the 411G has a very fine reputation, this one is very spiffy recently serviced, with lots of extras, and is a thing of retro beauty!! well, it is perfect for Dolly dresses and all manner of sewing goodness ! And will be delivered to my door in the very near future - today or tomorrow actually :)! so i slightly meandered from the path of busy-ness, but in a thinking of the future Dolly makes way, so it sort of counts as busy.

Today however is a different kettle of  Aquatic creatures! mollie makes slipped onto my doormat, that coupled with my inability to stop crocheting cute little coasters from a pattern found on a fabulous blog site makes me think the best thing to do is have a cup of tea, wait for the courier to bring Miss Jean (my new sewing machine!) and leave Dolly until tomorrow!Yay!

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