Monday, 16 April 2012

Busy busy busy !

First day back at school after the Easter holiday, and Pumpkin chose 6.45 this morning to mention that she need a piece of material to make a cushion cover with for her textiles class, oh and also some trimmings and small pieces of fabric to make a design with! Having thought we were fully prepared for this morning - I had already sewn all her name tapes into her new school uniform, sorted out the next payment for her German trip and packed her school books last night ! I was a bit miffed to say the least. Lucky for her I have a sewing room full of the very things she needed , and so instead of a leisurely cup of coffee and a croissant, this morning found me ferreting around piles of fabric to find something suitable for a cushion! But as I was already busy I thought I might as well just keep going. So by 8.30 this morning I had prepared two brioche bread and butter puddings, with chocolate chips, and left them soaking up the milky vanilla - ery goodness, a firm favourite , then it was back to the sewing room where I have made four glasses cases for my madebymim folksy shop,

And designed a pattern for a vintage style half apron, with a heart pocket, and frilly edging, which I am now off to the shops to buy fabric for, I would love to stay and chat for longer but I am keeping up the momentum, so hopefully photos of the aprons will follow shortly !... Who needs tea !

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