Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dog days !

Well it's certainly raining Cats and Dogs, everything in the long thin house seems kind of at a go slow ! Things are going on but it all seems to be on the un hurried side, not in a bad way, just in a it'll get done eventually way.
I love days like this torrential rain is a good excuse to take stock, curl up with a book or favourite magazine, sit and crochet or sew, all seems cocooned by the appalling weather outside, the girls ( the chickens), Minerva, Pomona and Rowena , who are usually singing at the tops of their voices are quietly dust bathing in the farthest corner of their run, sheltering from raindrops, the Kittens ( they are actually fully grown Tom cats,but to us they are forever Kittens !), are curled up snugly on our bed, although they would say it's their bed! And even Floyd the Weimaraner, who is very rarely still, who jumps up and flomps around getting under your feet trying to be as near to you as possible, who's bark sounds as deep and menacing as the hound of the baskervilles, who terrifies Mr postman but is the biggest soppiest Weimaraner ever, is asleep in his basket, with his pal Ralph, who at the grand old age of 17 can usually be found sleeping, somewhere.



I can understand why they say animals are good for the soul, perhaps they are not so good for the soft furnishings, but I think a few hairs is a small price to pay for something that makes you smile.


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