Friday, 13 April 2012

Work in progress

So today was going to be the day I finished my jubilee rabbit ... Wrong ! Today is the day I wake up full of ideas and determined to get stuck into my sewing room to make way for a sewing bonanza , I have a huge want to make list, stacks of fabric,plenty of patterns and lots of enthusiasm . So you might well be asking yourself what is the problem ! Me, that's the long and short of it! Enthusiasm has to be fuelled - in my case a nice cup of tea usually does the trick,so I sit and have tea whilst browsing the Internet and catching up on all your lovely interesting blogs,big mistake! Two cups of tea later I decide to have a look at the crochet yarn I bought yesterday while Husband went to the bank,just meaning to get the feel of it,to see if it will suit making a throw for our sitting room....four granny squares later I decide I really must start rabbits' clothes,perhaps after i have just a small cup of tea! Then Mr Postman brings goodies ,vintage pinking shears, two metres of the most beautiful royal blue needle cord ,to line my madebymim glasses cases,tea cosies etc for my folksy shop (part of the sewing bonanza) and some vintage wooden cotton reels too much of a bargain to resist ! Another distraction. Right this was it. This was the time to start sewing... Kettle on ! Now I really did mean to start,and meaning business I went to get my shoes from the wardrobe, I seem to sew better when wearing footwear ( is it just me ? or do you have to wear shoes to use a sewing machine!) guessed it,big mistake, I could only find one of the pair I wanted, so pulling most of the others out to find the missing one it then seemed silly to put them all back ,especially when I had been planning to get rid of at least six pairs ( I have a collection of Birkenstocks that I can't wear anymore ) but I couldn't bring myself to just get rid, some are still quite new, I know thinks I, I will eBay them ....three cups of tea and six descriptions / listings later and noticing it was well past lunchtime ( coffee this time, and a sandwich ) I finally started to sew ! And now it's dinner time and this is as far as I have got ,

Oh well, tomorrow is another day,time for a quick cup of tea before dinner !

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