Friday, 6 April 2012

Try again !

Well that's better! Today has been more successful with the folksy listings, I have been over everything twice so apart from my dodgy photos all should be well, I'm very pleased with myself for being so determined, not usually one of my strengths ( those usually involve cake or chocolate or both! ) so not a bad start,still have a few things left to add,and also have a few new ideas up my sleeve, but plenty of time for that. Although, today has not been without a small crisis! Our Weimaraner Floyd has developed a large swelling on his back leg and it is making him limp. Husband has had a good look and it doesn't seem to be causing him any pain as such, only the limp! Anyone who knows Weimaraners' knows that they are prone to being a bit lumpy, Floyd has some spectacular lumps that are completely harmless just a bit unsightly which is a shame because he is such a good looking dog! He is 8 years old know so not a young dog,and we will have to keep an eye on him if it's not better by Tuesday it's off to the vets to see what he has to say, apart from this is going to cost lots of money!! Fingers crossed.

Here's my folksy things waiting to be listed !

This beast is Floyd, with his best friend Ralph, the ancient Jack Russell ( 17 yrs old! ).



  1. Oh pretty things!! I want to set up a Folksy shop soon so I may be along to ask for help. Right now I'm off to look at your pretty things,

  2. I will look forward to helping if I can,thank you for being so complimentary ,I loved your birthday fabrics and I'm looking forward to seeing what you use them for.


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