Monday, 2 April 2012

Sackcloth and rabbits!

Really it all started with a soft spot for antique French grain sacks,(of which I have a few), they are all individual to the farms where they were handmade and although the reason for buying them was to make cushion covers,table runners etc,I couldn't bring myself to cut them up ! While in France (waiting for husband to get away from the postcard chap!) I spied an old hessian grain sack, much rougher but with a motif and name of a French town we had visited stamped on it,thinking this would make a great floor cushion( an idea stolen from my good friend) I purchased it, but once home I decided instead to use it to cover a vintage Lloyd loom chair, and was so pleased with the result,I thought it would be a good idea to get more sacks for the dinning room chair cushions I needed to cover, no chance! It seems something that was as 'cheap as cheap things' in a village brocante demanded huge fortunes once they hit English shores! The remedy was I found 'new' coffee sacks, a nice man on eBay sold me twenty hessian sacks all with designs and printed with mainly South American country names ( French towns would have been nice,but beggars can't be choosers!) for twenty English pounds, so now I have chair cushions covered in 'sackcloth' without a hint of guilt.Being on a roll I decided to use the off cuts to make some bunting( something else I am quite partial to). Having cut the hessian into mini bunting size I used a rubber stamp of a hare( it could pass as a rabbit!) and a normal ink pad to stamp on the design,I had to press quite hard,more than normal,and not much of the fine detail shows because the hessian is quite a rough texture,but I think you get the idea.As for the antique grain sacks,one I used as a floor cushion,as it only involved sewing the top closed after filling it with feathers, one I use as a short table runner - the work that has gone into it ! All those neat hand stitches! I couldn't unpick them! A few more are just to look at on my linen shelf and one.. Yes just one.. I made into two sofa cushions with vintage mother of pearl buttons,and, which, I am glad to say please me very much.





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