Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Presents in the post !

As I write the beautiful sunny morning has just turned very grey! I think more rain is on the way,but the Postman has just delivered a batch of goodies from Mr Ebay ! So I am very happy, I couldn't resist these when I saw them, I had no intentions of buying childrens' clothes patterns ,but they just looked so cool! I especially like the pictures on the French patterns, even French children look sophisticated, so now I am beginning to think perhaps a few funky retro little girls dresses for my Folksy shop, I do not know any little girls that these patterns would fit, ( my little girls are 12 years, 24 years and 27 years ! ) and it now seems a shame not to use them, although I think the French patterns are a little too difficult to follow, but will make awesome pictures for my sewing room .


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