Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Material world!

Well, it seems so long since we caught up! I have been out and about trying to add to my fabric stash,when we last spoke I was off to buy some fabric to make the vintage style aprons I had just designed. No luck, I don't know about you but local area is thin on interesting fabric shops, we have a huge warehouse place full of quite nice but uninteresting curtain / upholstery fabric and a hobby craft, which is on the expensive side and again very limited in it's choice. So I have resorted to the Internet so things have slowed a little until my goodies arrive,I have all sorts of vintage, off cuts, and bits and pieces, but you know what it is like when you have something specific in mind,so I just had to add to the stash. I have also added iPhone cosies to 'made' list, but have yet to start on the iPhone 4 covers, and have decided to use mainly red, white and blue fabrics- well it is Jubilee year!
I'm also planning some headscarfs, very 50's retro, to add to the 'Blighty' collection, so I do apologise for lack of apron photos but hopefully they will appear soon. Off to the dentist now, passing hobby craft on the way, I might just have to call in to see if they have anything new, or something I missed last time I was there, or just to soak up a bit of 'crafty' atmosphere.

There isn't enough room to swing a cat in my sewing Teddy thought he'd have a lay down instead!


  1. Charity shops are sometimes worth a look, especially if there are duvet covers, sheets, curtains etc. I have the same problem here.

  2. I only mentioned to someone the other day how pitiful fabric shops seem to be over here! I think I may have to hit the rag market in B'ham!!

  3. I'm glad it's not just me. I really would love to open a craft emporium, selling fabrics, trimmings, buttons,new and vintage and also run craft classes, with tea and cake ! I often trawl charity shops, I can't resist rummaging through all the haberdashery bits and bobs, I have a thing for old tray cloths, some of the pretty embroidered ones make great window dressings.


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