Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Oops I did it again - again!

Hello, sorry it's been a few days,we have had some sad news at the long thin house. My mother- in-law passed away on Friday after a long illness, things here will be a little strange for a while, but I will try to write when I can. On a more cheery note I know I said I had done with getting more toy sewing machines and when I said it I really did mean it! Only I saw this ...

... And just couldn't resist!! In my defence it is rather spiffy,it looks as though it has hardly been used, it has the original cotton reel, it still sews and who wouldn't fall for the cutesy picture on the box, Little Betty Blue, I was smitten! I was so giddy with her that I was almost out of giddiness for the other package Mr postman had left, but as soon as I opened it it came flooding back, giddiness with a Capitol G!

I don't know if any of you read the Dottie Angel blog or visited her Etsy shop,but it is beautiful, full of 'peachy goodness' to coin a phrase, and her book isn't a let down either, I had to order it from America and now it's here and I have only allowed myself a very small peak, as I want to savour it! She just makes me want to crochet and sew all day long and it seems from her photos in the book that we have more than one pair of shoes / clogs/boots in common, very strange! While I have been quiet in the past few days I have not been idle. Folksy goodies are on hold at the mo, I can't seem to get back in the swing what with everything that's going on, but I'm sure I'll start again soon. But I have still been sprucing up our sitting room, all brown furniture has now been painted French grey, cushions have been covered,knickknacks have been re arranged, pictures have been replaced with ones more in keeping with the new shabby - navian ( shabby chic / scandinavian cross! )theme, and the rather hard rush mat we had on the floor has been replaced with this...

So pleased with it as it really warms the room up.Cosy is good right now!
Hopefully it won't be too long until I get back to you.


  1. Sorry to hear about your mother in law :( now a request- please can we see more of your updated living room. I'm looking for ideas for ours and thinking along the shabby-navian line too. Would love to see what you have done.

  2. thank you, I have some very poorly photgraphed pictures of newly spruced up room,but i can"work out if i can put them in a reply, so i will post them as a new post,hope they are of some use to you, even if it's just what not to do :)


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