Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Cold snap!!

Husband and youngest daughter Chilli ( yes, that is her real name,but I tend to call her Pumpkin,a pet name she has had since a baby!),on a shopping expedition on Sunday came home with most of the shopping on the list,and two bunches of Daffodils as a surprise for me. None of the buds were fully open,but in the sunshine some opened and are extra frilly and very pretty,they seem to 'zing' as they are such an amazing yellow with a darker orangey/gold frill in the centre, springtime in a vase! But here's the rub,we have had almost two weeks of record breaking temperatures and awesome sunshine, there has even been sandal wearing! This morning although chilly ,( weather,not Daughter ) it was sunny and all the daffodils had fully opened and looked glorious. Filled with expectation of another day pottering in the garden,talking to the chickens, lunch on the patio ,I turned the morning news on to be greeted with picture of a foot of snow in Scotland ,where last week they had the highest temps in the country! Too far away to affect us I thought, then the local weather lady added to my unease, low temperatures possibly a touch of frost,and some sleet, granted it's not two foot snow drifts, but it's hardly sandal wearing weather either !! To top it off Husband removed the radiator in the bathroom we are decorating , so you can guess who I am going to blame for this cold snap !


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