Friday, 13 April 2012

Pinterest help !

Hello again, just a really quick question, I'm sure someone out-there will know, I've just started a Pinterest page and I want to put a pin it button on my blog, I've copied the link and followed the instructions, but it hasn't worked so far, does anyone know what to do, sorry it's such a boring post,I promise not to do it again. ( No Rabbits dress still isn't finished ! )


thank you  for your help. i have now found the pinterest button,and after only a small amount of stupidness on my part ( serves me right for thinking i was an expert of all things computery), i have after a lengthy and in depth process (dragging the pinterest button into my enabled services ! ) a pinterest button on my page ,Yay.


  1. have you tried going into the Appereance part of you blog and adding the Pinterest widget that is now available. If that doesn't work let me know and I try and guide you further.

  2. Hello,
    I can't find a pin it widget , it might be that the theme I'm using doesn't support it,thank you so much for replying,I am also using an iPad app which doesn't make it any easier !

  3. Ipad does have some shortfalls I have to resort back to the PC for quite a lot of wordpress blogging and admin

  4. They've now added a Pinterest button (like a face button) look under settings,sharing. Move the pinterest button to enabled services and it should pop up on your posts.


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