Friday, 20 April 2012

No sew!

Hello, this morning I woke up thinking it would be a good day to make something completely different, I have been a bit busy making some more things for Folksy and the bicycle bazaar, and since it hasn't stopped raining all week ,  I haven't even had a chance to venture into the shed and look at my bicycle let alone take photos of it I thought I would do something else today .

First things first I needed to wait for a visit from Mr Postman with my new replacement laptop ( a long and boring story ! ), so I settled into our long thin little houses' front room, to await said delivery. Now we have a sunny back room that we normally use, but as Mr Postman has been known not to hang around too long after he has very quietly knocked the knocker, and we then have to traipse to the post office to collect our parcel, (normally 24 hours later!) I thought I wouldn't miss him if I stationed myself near the front door, and that is where making something completely different turned into painting a book case,buying new curtains,and recovering an armchair and six cushions !

Now I must admit that of the above only the book case and a standard lamp base have been painted, in Farrow and Ball French grey, a favourite of mine at the moment, and that a victorian slate topped washstand (where the goldfish tank lives), and tv unit still need a lick of paint, but after a swift trip to ikea (their plain white linen curtains are really quite useful), and a spot of lunch , I have managed to turn a dark room full of non descript brown furniture into the beginnings of a Scandinavian light filled haven .... Well it looks a lot brighter anyway!

Having taken delivery of my laptop I  second coated the book case and lamp and now I am thinking of cushion covers ,Who knows when I find my camera and work out how to put pictures onto new laptop there may even be photos!! but for now it's just words.

Thank you for reading them, see you soon !


  1. No sew here today too. Play date for Little J then trip to docs this afternoon. Crochet tonight though as normal.

  2. I have been admiring your crochet, so I have ordered a pack of Planet Penny crochet cotton,hopefully it will be winging it's to me next week, so I'll be looking for tips ! Happy crocheting this evening :)


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