Thursday, 5 April 2012

Where has today gone!

What has happened to my day! I started off with good intentions, I collected together various items I have made, to photograph for my folksy shop, took the photos on my iPad and started to list my first Rabbit, all was well until uploading a photo,have I mentioned all this was taking place on my iPad and seemed pretty straight forward,until the photo, apparently you cannot upload photos taken with the iPad directly to the site...minor irritation ! But undeterred I thought Dropbox would come to my rescue and so moved to the iMac to finish off,well it's nearly finished me off!! It would take too long to explain the long winded process of getting photos from my iPad to my iMac without plugging anything in and really I don't fully understand what Husband did, but if any of you visit my Folksy shop please don't ask why the photos are the wrong way round!! It is as they say a work in progress....I'm thinking the end of April was a rash deadline for my shop to be up and running! This is how Rabbit should look!



Husband has fixed it !! cropped and resized put into a desktop folder browsed and put onto Folksy, so simple,must remember to crop and resize before whinging and threatening to throw iPad away next time !

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