Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Who said string is evil !

Sorry I haven't blogged, Easter got the better of me , along with too much chocolate and a Star Wars film fest ! ( introducing Pumpkin to the delights of watching all the films in one day ! ). My time hasn't been spent entirely frivolously watching films and munching chocolate, I also managed to finished the bath mat I have been crocheting . I have used Nutscene sisal string in natural and blue colours? I have crocheted with other brands of sisal string but I find Nutscene to be the most consistent in thickness and without too many rough bits, they also make their string in funky colours, which are great for contrasting edging or stripes. I have become a bit addicted to crochet, I only learnt a couple of months ago, but I find it quite therapeutic, I use a 5mm crochet hook with the string which I think gives it a nice close weave, I' m really pleased how the baskets I have also crocheted using string have turned out, so much cheaper to make than buying similar from the shops, I use them for all sorts of things,

This cotton string basket I use for sewing bits.

This sisal basket I use for my string!

The smaller red edged basket we use for keys.

Finally the bath mat ! Not in situ, as the bath it will eventually reside in front of is still in our downstairs study, in front of the piano,waiting for Husband to lay the new floorboards in the bathroom!

I also used a slightly darker sisal for a contrasting stripe.
By the way for those of you that are wondering who did say string is evil it was the Goodies! ( a 1970's English comedy act, a bit like Monty Python, but not as good ! Easily findable on YouTube )

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